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Mountain Brook Farm produce
Mountain Brook Farm produce
Mountain Brook Farm Rabbitry
857 County Rd 855
Collinsville, Alabama 35961
(605) 742-4059 - Jon Thieman
(507) 304-0035 - Wade Boelter

Coffee is Always on...


Our amenities are evolving with construction.  Please enjoy photos showing the development of our farm and sharing nearby attractions.

Welcome to Mountain Brook Farm Alabama...


"The country favor of farming blueberries and blackberries.  We grow vegetables and produce for our use and offer with limited availability.  You pick or we pick and we all pick together.  We are located on Lookout Mountain in rural NE Alabama close to the GA border.  For the love of compost perhaps more of our farm life interests you as we have a pet pot belly pig named Pepper and are kismet to Morgan horses.   We raise a Hallmark breed of rabbits formally known as the Holland Lop.  Our rabbitry is both indoors and outdoors.  Domesticated Muscovey ducks free range our property and private pond. Contact us to check seasonal availability and schedule a farm visit."

Mountain Brook Farm Home and Office

Farm Facilities & Development

Currently under construction and renovation.  Please check back for updates.

Mountain Brook Farm Blueberries Alabama


2023 Blueberries are gone...  CALL JON FOR INFORMATION:  #605-742-4059.

We pick your Blueberries $17.00 per gallon from over 200 shrubs. 

You can pick with an appointment $12.00 a gallon.  Call Jon to schedule your time.

Morgan Horses

Morgan Horses

We thank MRM Black Magic for his years of stallion service as he passed on in 2019.  Our mares are NSS Alagio and Piper.  We currently have 2 geldings on the ground from the Dam Alagio crossed with our stallion.  We look forward to 2020 spring foals and hope for a little more of Magic's legacy.

Mountain Brook Rabbitry

Mountain Brook Rabbitry

Rabbit's in a Hutch with Pedigree Holland Lop’s. Raising Show Quality rabbits, breeding stock and Garden Zen Pets since April 22, 2017.

We raise many varieties to choose from both Vienna and clean lines.

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Image by Shaueel Persadee

Muscovy Ducks

Eggs are for sale,

Strait run 2 weeks old $5.00 each, 

18 months and older $8.00 each.

Call Jon for more information

Cell Phone #(605) 742-4059

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  • Mountain Brook Rabbitry
  • Mountain Brook Farm
  • Mountain Brook Rabbitry
Jon Thieman

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Mountain Brook Farm produce
Mountain Brook Farm produce
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