Mountain Brook Rabbitry est. Spring 2017

   Welcome to our Holland Lop page.  I fell in love with these clownish cute little buggers the first time I found videos of them on YouTube.  I thought they would be fun to photograph and that visitors to our Rabbitry would love to see them.


   If you have a child interested in farm science, biology or genetics all rabbit breeds are good for learning.  When it comes to colors represented by a breed the Holland Lop is in the lead in my humble opinion.  I'm in my 50's enjoying the science of genotypes from phenotypes and it involves concepts that youth can also understand.  Rabbit's are good 4-H projects.

   I must say that the hobby of a Rabbitry is good for the soul.  Rabbits and bunnies calm people.  I have the most relaxing time caring for our bunnies.  The manure makes good garden compost.

   Enjoy photos of our Holland Lops.  I'm drawn to the Otters and tricolors.  I'm currently working with Vienna genetics to develop our Blue Eyed White's.  With our breeding program I would like to maintain true dwarf quality as well as pedigree's that truly represent the rabbit.  We have Holland Lops in our Rabbitry that have No Vienna breeding.  

Click on Rabbitry in the header above and select the option from the drop down screen to see our Holland Lops with clean lines, our Vienna BEW’s and our harlequin rabbits.  To view rabbits for sale click on Sales and Litter Updates.

Holland Lop Rabbits

Mountain Brook Rabbitry

30R1 MB Whistle Pop

Sire: UR Torbay-Blue Otter

Dam: Silver Thorns Purple Rain

Proven Herd Buck

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