MRM - Black Magic 

         Morgan Horse

August 1, 2001 - August 26, 2019

Marble Ridge Morgan’s located in Ivanhoe, MN and the Dan and Rosanne Lasnetski family are the breeder of MRM Black Magic and still own mares that carry his lineage.  Rosanne’s father started working with the lineage and selective breeding.  Rosanne and her husband Dan and their son continued breeding Morgan’s and adding to the lineage.

I purchased Magic in May of 2009 as a pasture breeding stallion.  I started him under saddle and in harness at my fathers farm in Litchfield MN and then brought him to live in Alabama where Jon and I reside today.

MRM Black Magic and his last turn out with his Morgan mares NSS Alagio and Riveranch Angelique.  Unknown to us at the time our Stallion had an underlying health issue and we put him to his final rest August 26, 2020.

NSS Alagio settled and foaled a beautiful filly that we named Pink Moon Piper - April 5, 2020.

Looking through videos and found one of Magic and I driving in the Arena. 

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