Mountain Brook Rabbitry est. Spring 2017

   Welcome to our Blue Eyed White project.  A person may wonder... "When is the best time to embark on a BEW breeding program?"

   So here is my answer... "I never planned on breeding BEW and it wasn't until I had bred my NO Vienna Blue Otter Buck to a doe and that after raising the litter I noticed the Dam had a white spot on her nose and one of her sons also had the same spot on his nose."  

   So what's the deal with the white spot?  Some folks feel occasional spotting just happens.  Vienna marked rabbits are identified by an isolated white spot or a white nail or even a white patch of fur showing up in the coat.  Vienna Carriers are rabbits that do not have the spotting but its known that the rabbit has a BEW in the pedigree or that it is from a Sire or Dam that was Vienna Marked.  Heavy Vienna Marked Rabbits have more white than just one spot (see rabbits below).


   Long story Short we are now breeding Vienna carried Holland Lops toward the goal of producing the BEW Holland Lop.  We finalize our breeding decisions by pairing the Holland Lops with those that carry the best type and conformation to the standard of perfection SOP.

Click on Rabbitry in the header above and select the option from the drop down screen to see our Holland Lops with clean lines, our Vienna BEW’s and our harlequin rabbits.  To view rabbits for sale click on Sales and Litter Updates.

Blue Eyed White Vienna Holland Lops

Mountain Brook Rabbitry

BB’s Apple Jack



BEW Buck

Mountain Brook Rabbitry

SGVA5 Southern Grace Fiona

Sire: Shaunas Hollands Artax 

Dam: Hop Along’s Violet


Mountain Brook Rabbitry

80L1 MB Charms

Sire: MB Starburst

Dam: MB Lady Galadriel

Possible VC broken Blue Buck

Mountain Brook Rabbitry

Hop Along’s Libby

Sire: Clarks Walker

Dam: Becky’s Gemma

VM Black Otter Doe

Mountain Brook Rabbitry

10R1 MB Teaberry

Sire: MB Samuel

Dam: Silver Thornes Purple Rain

Possible VC Blue Buck

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