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Mountain Brook Farm - Morgan Horses....

In my own words I’d like to articulate a description of the Morgan without a comparison to other horse breeds known worldwide.  

~ Light foot, steel legs, thundering hoof beats, intelligent, throttled, strength-refined, wild mane and my horse see’s me.  Big heart and great lungs, “Hello my friend” as I greet my horse good morning.  

We walk the fence line together though separate and leading to the gate.  My horse see’s me.  My hand rests along my horse’s side as I ask my horse to step aside and my horse moves ever so carefully with a soft touch.  My horse feels me.

In a barn stall with sawdust shavings and fresh cut hay; the smell of cotton and leather mingles with fresh outdoors air flowing down the barn isle.  Pine tar and turpentine wafting in the breezeway while sounds of stall doors roll open and close sounding off snapping latch’s.  I enter my Morgan’s stall with my box of brushes and he greets me with a friendly nicker.  I pull out a towel and wipe off his brow and clean his eyes free of dust.  “Hello my friend.”

~ Wade Boelter

Morgan horses are known for their versatility within professional Equine Sport.  Now known as America’s second breed and a trotter by design.  The Morgan’s founding blood lines incorporate Narragansett Pacer “America’s first breed” and a breed now extinct.  

The breed was formed by horses brought in with European colonists and the Morgan set themselves apart with unique characteristics from their ancestors.  Is the Morgan America’s first breed of horse?  No, the Narragansett Pacer, a breed now extinct, preceded Morgan’s as a type of horse unique to America. ~ FAQs About the Morgan -

Today we see Morgan horses in a variety of disciplines.  Some bloodlines within the breed predestine a type of horse to its best suited performance.  Annually a Grand National Morgan horse show is held and the public is welcome to attend.  This is recommended attendance if you want to see the the Morgan horse working in its element with several disciplines and all in one location. 

Some examples follow... Halter in hand, Park, English Pleasure, Classic Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Working Western, Western Pleasure, Dressage, Carriage Driving, Combined Driving, Pleasure Driving, Park Horse Driving, Jumping, Competitive Trail, Endurance Riding, Ridden Obstacle Challenges, Working Cow, Barrel Racing and Pleasure Trail Riding.

Stallions are featured here by our ownership or with the owners approval for social media shares of stallions we’ve purchased breedings with for our mares.

Mountain Brook Farm does not stand a stallion at this time.

August 26, 2019 our Stallion MRM Black Magic was brought to his final rest.

Click the link below to see our photo list of our Morgan brood mares.

Photos and video’s of past and current foals.

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