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Bunny’s First Arrival Home

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Here we are exploring the preparation to your bunny’s first arrival home. How to create a bunny space in your house. Tips from Tailor Made Holland Lops breeder Miss Carol Brown on tote litter training. View a collection of clients home photos with how they created bunny room for their house rabbit. ~ Wade Boelter

Photo above is Mountain Brook Banjo with Dawn W. and her photo credit. Location is Mobile, AL

Bunny Transport and Carrier

Finding transport for your bunny from the breeder to your home can be overwhelming to a new rabbit owner. Try not to loose sleep over it as breeders are the resource to a recommendation of transport service. The Buns are best fit for travel at 8 weeks of age at the earliest. Transporting earlier than 8 weeks has health risks to the bunny as its stressful and could lead to bloat.

Many rabbitry’s provide their own transport within a region and work in consult of 3-4 farms. We are a large community and your bunny may not ship immediately overnight. It may lay over at another farm or hotel if its a long distance trip but will eventually arrive to your home or meeting location. Transporters often prefer to meet in a well lit public place close to main highway or interstate of transport. A few will ship right to your home.

Once you’ve purchased your rabbit and found transport its now time to find a carrier. The above photo to the right and the four photos below are the Frisco Top Loading Small Pet Carrier and retails for $15.99 with Learn more…

When selecting a pet carrier I personally prefer ones that open at the top and have enough room to pick your bun up or place him in without catching the buns legs on anything. The two brands shown here are ones our clients have purchased and really like. I like both of them. I love the the designs of each especially the one for airline travel in a carry on bag.

Photo below is the Siivton 4 Sides Expandable Pet Carrier, Airline Approved Soft-Sided Dog Cat Carrier Bag with Fleece Pad for Cats, Puppy and Small Animals

Photo above is the Siivton 4 Sides Expandable Pet Carrier from Amazon

What is Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus?

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) is a highly contagious disease caused by a calicivirus that affects rabbits. This includes wild and domesticated European rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus), from which our own domesticated rabbits are descended. Until 2020, it had not been known to affect North American native rabbits or hares, such as cottontails, snowshoe hares, and jackrabbits. In the 2020-2021 United States & Mexico & Canada outbreak, RHDV is causing death in wildlife species of rabbits as well.

RHDV was first seen in China in 1984 but was thought to have originated in Europe. There have been confirmed cases in 40 countries, including in Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, North America (Mexico, United States, Canada), Australia, and New Zealand.

RHDV2, a new virus, emerged in France in 2010, and quickly spread in Europe and the Mediterranean, and has replaced the original strain in many countries. In 2015, RHDV2 was first detected in Australia – it spread coast-to-coast in the rabbit population in 18 months (~3 million square miles, compared to United States’ ~3.8 million square miles) and became the dominant strain replacing RHDV1.

Symptoms may include:

  • Loss of appetite

  • Lethargy

  • High fever

  • Seizures

  • Jaundice

  • Bleeding from nose, mouth, or rectum

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Sudden death

RHDV is often a very swift and sudden killer, giving little warning. Rabbits may die without showing any symptoms at all. Any sudden rabbit death is suspicious and should be reported to your veterinarian as a possible case of RHDV. RHDV2 does not impact human health ~ House Rabbit Society

Bunny Self Care

Some breeders recommend Simethicone - Antigas drops to prevent gas build up that leads to bloat. They give just a few drops every 3 hrs. while traveling. Mylicon is sold over the counter where infant supplies are located.

When food is broken down in the stomach both gas and different types of liquid are produced, leading to more stomach contents than just the food that was first ingested. When an intestinal blockage occurs, this process keeps continuing leading to the stomach becoming enlarged or bloated. ~ Unusual Pet Vets

Baby wipes (Shown below) or wet wipes are an item we keep on hand just for cleaning stains off of our rabbits. It’s helpful too with the young buns as they go throw diet changes And have poopy or wet butt’s. They are inexpensive,

convenient and found everywhere while traveling.

Trimming those bunny nails has been a breeze for me ever since I purchased a rechargeable Electric Pet Nail Grinder by YABIFE (shown in the photo to the right) with 3 Speeds, 3 Grinding Wheels, USB Rechargeable, with LED Lighting

by Yabife Official US at the price of $21.99

The Hair Buster (photo below) is a comb designed specifically for rabbits. We have a Holland Lop that is a fuzzy and during summer molt I purchased this comb. My word of advice is that it works very well so do not overgroom your bun. Found on Amazon $19.99

photo above is the Hair Buster

Litter Training Bunny

Photo Left is Mountain Brook Chester a chestnut buck. Photo below is Mountain Brook Bandit a VM chocolate buck and the sable buck is snickers. All are Holland Lops with litter box in tote training with photo credit to Carol B. in Gadsden, AL

“You get a Litter pan, put hay in it and the rest is history“ ~ Carol B.

Mountain Brook Chester resting

Miss Carol B. of Tailor Made Holland Lops with over 10 years experience raising rabbits feels that tote litter training is the easiest to clean and best way to litter train a new bunny. Carol continues to inform me that some folks have had young rabbits develop splay leg being on a slippery surface. Adding a towel to the tote is the solution.

Snickers and Mountain Brook Bandit.

Miss Carol feeds pellets, Timothy hay and oats. ~ “They are good to keep bowels in check, also they give doe’s more milk. These are house brand whole oats, do not give the quick oats. All rabbits love them and be careful until they are around 7-8 weeks old.”

Old Fashioned Whole Oats by Food Club

A few oats with pellets are known to help firm up stool when buns get a mild diarrhea from changes in diet. Oats can also help put weight on a rabbit. Photo to right is Carol’s and of her new sable Holland Lop buck Snickers.

Once the buns catch on to litter training Carol graduates them to their own custom made tile hutch in her climate controlled bunny shed. Carol does not use wire cages so its very important to her that her buns are litter trained. It makes cleaning chores more efficient. Photo to the left is Carol’s of her new VM chestnut buck Mountain Brook Chester.

Below is litter training with the Smith family Mountain Brook Gismo a chestnut buck and Mountain Brook Blueberry a blue buck. Both rabbits are Holland Lops.

Below is litter training with the Smith family Mountain Brook Gismo a chestnut buck and Mountain Brook Blueberry a blue buck. Both rabbits are Holland Lops.

(See photo above) HPYMore Large Rabbit Litter Box, Round Corner Toilet Box with Drawer Easy to Clean, Perfect for Adult Hamster, Guinea Pig, Ferret, Bunny and Other Small Animals

by HPYMore

(See photo above) Oncpcare Super Large Rabbit Litter Box, Small Animal Restroom Square Rabbit Litter Toilet Chinchilla Potty Trainer Guinea Pig Litter Tray for Hedgehog Mink Squirrel Weasel

by ZhongheShang. Amazon $49.99

Bunny House

Photo credit to Dawn W. with Banjo in Mobile AL

(See photo above) Aivituvin Large Indoor Rabbit House with Pull out Tray(No Wire Mesh on the Tray)-XZ7001 (sale price $179.99):

Bunny Room

Photo credit above with Miss Haley B.’s buns from Oxford, AL

(Photo above) Stalwart Foam Mat Floor Tiles, Interlocking EVA Foam Padding Soft Flooring for Exercising, Yoga, Camping, Kids, Babies, Playroom – 4 Pack, 24" X 24" X 0.5"

by $20.98 a pack of 4

(Photo above) C&AHOME Pet Playpen, 12 PCS Exercise Small Animals, Playpens Cage, Portable Yard Fence Indoor, Ideal for Guinea Pigs, Puppy Pet Products, DIY Metal Yard Fence, 12" × 15" Black

by C&AHOME Amazon $30.99

Photo credit to the Smith family with Gismo and Blueberry

(Photo both above and below) Dog Pen 8 Panels 40'' Height RV Dog Fence Outdoor, Playpens Exercise Pen for Dogs, Metal, Protect Design Poles, Foldable Barrier with Door, Black

by DrillproDirect. Amazon $114.99

A Shower wall panel was laid down on the floor and used for the bunnies pen. The dog panels sat on top of it.

Photo credit to the Smith family with Gismo and Blueberry

Photo Credit - Robin A. from Little River Canyon AL

Building a bunny room is a great way to keep a safe space, bond and evolve with your pet rabbit. Indoor rabbit habitats provide protection from the extreme weather changes with freezing temps and intense heat. How you build your bunny room is entirely up to you and reflects the relationship you have with your rabbit.

Pictured Above is Mountain Brook Cinnabuns’ house in Noors Bunny Room.

Cinnabun is a black otter Holland Lop doe.

Pictured Left is Noor and Cinnabun.

Pictured Below is Noors’ Cinnabun.

I have always wanted a rabbit and I'll always have a rabbit the rest of my life.”
- Amy Sedaris

Photo credit to Dawn W. with Banjo in Mobile AL

(See photo above) Pet Playpen Puppy Playpen Kennels Dog Fence Exercise Pen Gate Fence Foldable Dog Crate 8 Panels 24 Inch Kennels Pen Playpen Options Ideal for Pet Animals Outdoor Indoor

by Artmeer. Amazon $44.99

Photo credit to Dawn W. with Banjo in Mobile AL

Photo credit to Dawn W. with Banjo in Mobile AL

Photo credit to Dawn W. with Banjo in Mobile AL

(See above photo) When Dawn received her chocolate self chin Holland Lop bunny Mountain Brook Banjo he was young and had just been weaned. There was a miscommunication with the transporter who requested Banjo leave that very day. I called Dawn and told her a bunny was on his way to her house from ours in Collinsville AL. Thank goodness Dawn was home and that she had experience raising rabbits.

Dawn then embarked on her journey raising Banjo and detailing his house with comforts like plush teddy bears (simulate littermates), plush baby blankets and faux fur lining.

Photo credit to Dawn W. with Banjo in Mobile AL

Bunny Proof the House

Once your bunny has acclimated to his new house, room and home with just a few adjustments at the bunny level you can let the bun explore your home. Some folks have a routine time of day and turn their bun out everyday. Others only allow it when bun has been exceptionally good and no accidents with litter training. Read more

  1. Prevent destructive behaviors of your rabbit

  2. Keep your rabbit safe.

  3. Give your rabbit fun alternatives for chewing and digging

  4. Prevent your rabbit from biting wires

  5. Block off areas with a lot of wires

  6. Cover Your wires

  7. Prevent rabbit from digging at the carpet

  8. Cover corners where carpet lies in hallways and door frames to prevent digging and burrowing. Offer an alternative. Doe’s are most prone to dig As instinctive for raising young.

  9. Prevent your rabbit from biting baseboards

  10. Use cat scratcher mats

  11. block baseboards with wooden planks or cardboard

  12. Set up a fence around the perimeter of your room

  13. block access to baseboards with furniture

  14. Use bitter Apple spray

  15. Block off the area under furniture

  16. Put plastic mats down under furniture

  17. Remove dangerous objects

  18. Keep books and paper out of buns reach

  19. Watch out for appliances that bunny doesn’t crawl into one and wreck it with destructive behavior.

  20. Offer chews, Apple, Willow and pine

  21. build a digging box.

Photo credit to Robin A. and Noors’ Cinnabun in Little River Canyon AL

Photo credit to Robin A. and Noors’ Cinnabun in Little River Canyon AL

Photo credit to Dawn W. with Banjo in Mobile AL

Photo credit to Dawn W. with Banjo in Mobile AL

Photo credit to Dawn W. with Banjo in Mobile AL

Photo credit to Dawn W. with Banjo in Mobile AL

Photo credit to Dawn W. with Banjo in Mobile AL

Photo credit to Dawn W. with Banjo in Mobile AL

Thank you for following along with us today!

Wade Boelter

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