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October 23, 2020

Greetings from the Hoop house,

Author: Wade Boelter~

Jon was joking with me when we sat down together to write his biography ~ “It took me most of my life to save but finally I have my own hoop house”.  Jon has a sense of humor but living in Alabama growing his own, building his house and sharing his life has been his dream.  

NE Alabama was attractive to Jon as it reminded him of the small towns he lived in as a child.  The river valleys, the churches, the railroads and the faith loving good people are all reflections of home and family.  Jon felt the heart of Alabama in the small town atmosphere.  It impressed upon him also the respect folks have for their elders.  As a child, Jon's parents had occupations that required them to move often.  His family lived in the small towns of Minnesota, Montana and South Dakota.  

Jon tells a story from the past of when he grew a pineapple from his college dorm window in a MN cold winter atop a radiator.  We have pineapples growing in the hot house today along with his other tropical/subtropical plants.  Jon has been growing potted Ginger and Tumeric that he overwinters in the solarium.

Alabama has a third growing season where cabbage and other cold tolerant greens will grow.  The hoop house provides fresh collards, lettuce, kale and more through the winter.  The coldest months are January and February temperatures here.  

Thank you for following along and learning more about us.  Subscribe and Join us for future updates.

Peace and love,

Wade Boelter

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