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About Wade Boelter

October 17, 2020

Hello from NE Alabama,

Thank you for visiting, let me tell you more about myself... 

Growing up in a very small town in southern Minnesota, I often wondered what my life would be like  when I grew up. Where would I call home? Who would I share my life with? Where would life travels  and experiences take me? 

Now in my 50’s all roads have led to NE Alabama and Lookout Mountain.

With my partner of 12yrs, Jon and I are making home where the Appalachian trail begins. Together we combine our talents, professions and skills that literally carve out our home from 15 mountain wooded acres as we convert a monitor  barn into a house. 

For the love of fresh produce and landscape gardening, 200 blueberry shrubs, Morgan horses and a small Holland Lop rabbitry, Jon and I tend Mountain Brook Farm. When catfish are called to the supper table we cast a line in the stocked pond. 

New for us is developing a RV spot with electric and water for a young couple Sheston and Travis who are in their mid 20’s and moving their bus in to escape the Northern winter and lend us a hand.  Sheston has a full time job that allows her to work remotely while her boyfriend Travis is handy in construction and landscaping. 

We welcome you to subscribe and follow our updates as we share our Alabama with you. 

Peace and Love, 

Wade Boelter 

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