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DIY Tray’s for Rabbitry

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

How to craft litter trays for transport, stackable and condo rabbit cages. In this blog we will discuss how to make your own custom sized trays on a limited budget and its so easy you can do it yourself.

Materials Needed...

One 4x8’ Waterproof wall panel, scissors, zip ties, tape measure, straight edge or square, permanent marker and a hole punch.

Materials can be purchased at Menards or Home Depot. The waterproof wall panel is flexible and found in the bath/shower area. A 4x8 sheet cost $20 and you should be able to make 3-4 trays from one sheet.

“Plas-Tek Waterproof Wall Panel found at Menards or Home Depot”

Find a large work table or if your like us roll the wall panel out onto a open floor work space.

  1. Measure the space for your tray allowing a quarter inch clearance for the sides and top. The tray we recently made was 23.25” wide by 28.75” long and 1.5” deep.

  2. Using a straight edge and square sketch your tray measurements for each tray onto your wall panel. We used permanent marker. Sketch all your line measurements for each tray (later you will fold and use the lines as a guide).

  3. Cut out each tray from the wall panel. Save your large scraps as you can make ID tags from them for your rabbit cages.

4. Partially cut your corners and then using the guide lines you sketched for measurements fold and crease sides bending them upright to form your tray.

5. Fold your corners and punch or drill holes into them. Form your corners and zip tie or rivet the corners together forming your trays.

Optional finish tip

Now that you made your first tray take it to your cage and check that it fits. The Plas-Tek wall panels are mold resistant and waterproof. Feel free to add protection to the corners with a shower/bath sealant or caulking. We’ve wanted to try the advertised “Flex Seal” to the corners to prevent leaking. Personally using the trays as is has worked just fine for us as the corners drain excess water out when it rains. Our rabbitry is constructed outside in a fenced in garden.

In House Temporary Observation Caging

Four Section Transport Cages with Hay divide.

ID tags with permanent marker for the outdoor rabbitry

Wade Boelter of Mountain Brook Rabbitry - Collinsville, Alabama

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