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Rabbit Urine Color

Providing a One night study of rabbit urine collected on pee pad from 8 week kits, 8 month buck, 2 yr doe not pregnant and pregnant 3 yr doe - Holland Lops.

Photos from Tailor Made Hollands with Litter Training and Quarantine.

2 kits 8 week old Holland Lops a couple nights urine collection above & below.

Rabbit urine and poop is looked at with attention for health and as we clean or handle feeders in the rabbits den or cage we wonder what is normal? Bucks who are not neutered are known to throw urine starting as early as 4.5 months and older. Rabbits are breeding and producing litters at 5-6 months old. Some rabbits take longer and some can produce a litter sooner. Doe’s are typically bred for the first time at 6 months old. Some doe’s are bred at 5months old to produce the first litter at 6 months old but many breeders feel that waiting for more development and maturity is a better practice and habit. All of these hormone changes can affect the urine.

The diet of the rabbit, stress or supplements will also affect the urine quality. Too much calcium deposit or sludge in urine is a sign of compromised health with too much calcium and a lack of hydration or water intake. Too much calcium in the diet can lead to stones (Urolithiasis).

Healthy rabbit urine is a rusty oil like color and varies slightly with hormone changes and diet of the rabbit. Literally it is a brownish burgundy or rust color at its darkest tone. Rabbit urine is oily.

The following photos are from a one night study setting a pee pad in trays below three rabbits to collect urine and to show healthy rabbit urine color from rabbits of different ages and hormone development (pregnancy, breeding bucks, kits).

Mambo & Sweet Pea 8 month old breeding Holland Lop bucks.

Mountain Brook Farm & Rabbitry - 1 night urine collection study above & below.

Gianna 2yr old Holland Lop doe not pregnant but is inclined to breed now.

Mountain Brook Farm & Rabbitry - 1 night urine collection study above & below.

Peachy Buns Vegas a 3yr old Pregnant Holland Lop doe

Mountain Brook Farm & Rabbitry - 1 night urine collection study above & below.

This post was made with the intention to show normal urine color from a variety of Holland Lop rabbits. We hope this helps you further understand your rabbits health.

Wade Boelter

Mountain Brook Farm & Rabbitry

Holland Lops

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